"After 50 years of touring the world, John Randolph is back home playing the blues."

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Randolph Street Blues Band Biography

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The Randolph Street Blues Band is a local blues supergroup put together to coax bluesman John Randolph out of retirement to play again.  

Randolph’s life as a sideman began nearly 50 years ago. In the 60’s and 70’s, he was recording at the legendary Chess Records, scoring pop hits with Chicago R&B group the South Side Movement.  From there, Randolph settled in as a first-call blues sideman. He has a decades-long history of touring the world with blues legends like Solomon Burke, Son Seals, Zora Young, Otis Clay, Jimmie Johnson, and scores of others.  Randolph’s life on the road included regular international tours, performing in Germany, France, Turkey, Russia, Japan, and the Philippines, along with playing countless shows in Chicago and around the nation.

After nearly 50 years of playing, Randolph moved to Homewood, and was ready to retire.  But when local musician and producer, Jon Elfner, met Randolph, Elfner knew that Randolph’s guitar couldn’t be silenced yet.

Randolph agreed to pick up his guitar once more, and the band built around him was named after him...The Randolph Street Blues Band.

Elfner built Randolph Street choosing a select group of exceptional musicians to support Randolph’s legendary playing.   Fronting the band is gifted vocalist and recording artist, Christal Luster, one of the south side’s premier entertainers. Bassist Brian Dvorkin joined Elfner (drums) to complete the rhythm section.  The final ingredient was the addition of Chicago saxophonist Derrick Tate to trade blazing solos with Randolph in between Luster’s verses and choruses. If you haven’t heard of Luster and Tate yet, you will.

The band mixes classic blues from legends like Muddy Waters, B.B. King, and Little Walter with blues takes on Motown songs by artists like Smokey Robinson and the Temptations.  Expect feel-good blues, Motown and pop, along with Luster’s soaring vocals and mind blowing solos back and forth between Tate and Randolph. But don’t trust this bio. Watch the videos and listen to the recordings. You will know everything you need to about this band.